Quality training

Mobilizing human capacities

MAVI SIS was founded in 2011. His concept of giving everyone the opportunity to develop their personal strengths has been the basis of success in the history of the MAVI's Training and coaching. MAVI SIS today is active in Scandinavia, Germany and Italy, offering trainings in 5 different languages. Particular emphasis is placed on the skills and experience of the trainers involved; so corporate clients can be confident that their requests are granted through the contribution of appropriate trainers who will contribute to the improvement and development of their human resources.

Functional Training

Each training session MAVI focuses on customer benefit, so tailor-made solutions are usually provided. The company's goal is crucial to develop the concepts of the training. Practical experimentation is central. Employees of many companies can confirm that the training programs MAVI allowed them to find the key to personal development according to their own personality.

Create Motivation

"Emotional intelligence" is a popular phrase in today's management strategies. The thought adopted has followed this philosophy for more than 45 years. An individualÝs initiative is indeed the result of his emotions. The pleasure of its performance is the driving force capable of ýmove mountainsţ. MAVI Trainers dedicate themselves to the task of improving the potential performance of each individual. Each participant experiences the MAVI Training makes it possible to meet higher demands with a keen awareness for an even better future.

The results count!

The results count! - This is the philosophy by which MAVI SIS International is recognized as an organization of international success. Quality is the best reference, and this quality is expressed in a long list of satisfied customers of whom we can be proud. Many thanks and congratulations to all our customers and participants in training!

Our trainings

Top Management Change Management, Time Management, Project management, Key Account Management, Decision Making, Team Development Coaching, Sales, Negotiation, Total Customer Experience, Customer Service, Trade Fairs, Phone, Presentation - Public speaking, Conflict Management, Change Management, recognize and adapt the personality.

Why training MAVI?

Our Trainings


Training for manager and salespeople
Training for managers and salespeople in order to develop employees professionally and personally. How to be an effective leader? And how can maintain a high degree of productivity?


Total Customer Experience
The new training for all corporate resources and communication towards the customer. Let your customers experience your company in the most possible professional way.