MAVI SIS develops software solutions in cooperation with EVINCE DEV.


Evince Development Pvt. Ltd. (EDPL) is a company that provides Enterprise Solution and software development with the usage of advanced technology in standard environments. The mission is to turn customer requirements into innovative and valid solutions. EVDPL is specialized in Microsoft technology, E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Development and Open Source Technology.

EVDPL maintains transparency, the level of satisfaction and integrity with customers, building the relationship on a pillar of professional ethics and continuous innovation. In EVDPL, we know that customers are looking for people who can completely understand their problems and create intelligent IT solutions in a responsible manner. Whether it's customers, suppliers, partners or employees, EVDPL works to make life easier by helping to create the differences.

MAVI SIS become "Total Solution Provider"

Through this agreement, MAVI SIS can design customized solutions for companies, dealing with the entire project cycle: from the preliminary study through startup of the system to steady state, including user training. Our expertise also extends to graphic design and implementation of websites with an important peculiarity. In fact, coming from the culture of management software, our tendency is to go beyond a site aesthetically well done, which merely is a "company showcase", we see the site as a portal for distribution of information and delivery of services, so that it becomes a source of services for organizations, customers and suppliers.

Create Motivation

Of course is not enough to have the "application" to be successful, we also need that people inside and outside the company, are motivated to use the new features, in order to create a perfect synergy between technology and human being. MAVI SIS, thanks to its division Training and Coaching, has developed behavioral training as well as thematic, designed to give people who use the systems, methods and attitudes in order to achive both professional and personal success. For example, every single driver in a transport company will be trained not only to use the new technology but also to adopt behavior that more effectively to create added value for the company and the customer.

Why MAVI SIS as Solution Provider?

TranScanApp total Solution!


"Transport Scanning System" (TranScanApp) is a new and innovative system implemented for companies using transportation (logistics, transport, taxi, police etc.).


Examples of functions "TranScanApp" for a transport company
- Records of goods in stock with your smartphone
- Automatic scanning of goods shipped, information and orders are automatically updated
- Completion of the delivery on site
- Update inventory online
- Coordination of all media through the GPS location in real time